Pelvic Floor Workshop with Erika Ferguson

How well do you know your pelvic floor? Looking for a stronger abdominal region, optimal organ functioning, better posture, and relief of back pain? The tissues that make up your pelvic floor are also a part of your hip joint and are considered to be either hypertonic (tight) or hypotonic (loose).

Join Erika Ferguson to learn about the pelvic floor anatomy and the deep core muscles that connect and work with the pelvic floor. We will explore breath patterns and exercises that work to release, strengthen and stabilize the pelvic floor to create a better connection to the deep core muscles as well as build the foundation for supporting the movement of the body.

This workshop is for everyone but especially important for anyone suffering from lumbar spine issues, hip or sciatic pain, pelvic pain, diastasis recti, digestive issues, and menstrual, bowel or bladder issues. A healthy pelvic floor should be bouncy and strong, just like a trampoline.

Location: The Pilates Barre Halifax

Virtual and in-studio options available.

Date: TBD

Price: $75 plus tax.

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