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Best Decision Ever

Our class offerings are unlike any other studio in Halifax. We are the only fully equipped studio in Halifax offering both classical and contemporary style Pilates classes, both classical and contemporary style reformer classes, bounce, Cadillac, ladder barrel, and chair.

Enrich your lifestyle by taking our highly effective group classes or private sessions that will leave you strong, flexible, elongated, rejuvenated, and moving more efficiently in your body during day to day activities.

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Advance Your Practice

Commitment to your own well-being is important to your personal health and the health of those around you. We offer a wide range of class styles such as: Pilates, Barre, Reformer, Bounce, Cardio, Tower, and Strength.

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Barrels reformer tower plant

Our Membership Options

Sharing space in-studio or holding space virtually with like-minded individuals creates a strong community and gives people a sense of belonging. Our membership options are budget-friendly and allow you to choose how often you’d like to practice—start with once a week and build up to unlimited. We guarantee you’ll become addicted!

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