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Erika Ferguson


Passionate about teaching people rather than just instructing them, Erika’s knowledge and experience and intuitive nature allows her to give you specific cues that will guide you into proper form and push you to perform each move to the best of your ability. Join Erika for both classical and contemporary Pilates mat, tower, bounce, barre, as well as both contemporary and classical reformer classes!

INS 06 Jody

Jody Rice Gallagher

Barre Instructor

Jody believes that every person, no matter their age, size, or ability should be welcomed in every yoga or Barre class. Her goal is to make you smile while making you sweat!

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Classical Mat Instructor

Kirsten zooms in from Beyond Pilates studio in Vancouver, BC on Thursday evenings at 630 PM. Kirsten is a fully trained classical Pilates instructor and physio therapist who is very passionate about Joseph Pilates' system. Expect fun variations, excellent cueing that will help you deepen your connections, and learn the classical series progression.

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