What do I need to bring to class?

Suit up in comfortable work out gear and accessorize with a reusable water bottle. You will also need grip socks for every class, one of our specially designed reformer mats for all reformer or trampoline classes, and have a long mat towel for all mat classes. We rent and sell reformer mats, towels and grip socks.

Is Pilates suitable for older people?

Pilates exercises can be modified to suit your individual needs at any age. It is gentle and so much of the class can be done from a seated or lying position. Great for pre and post joint replacement, osteoporosis, neurological issues, and any physical limitations. Pilates is accessible to everybody.

I have an injury and I have not exercised for a while. Can I do Pilates?

We are happy to book a private one-on-one consultation with you to learn about any limitations you may have as well as your goals and then help you decide what class styles are best for you. No preparation required, we like to start with you exactly as you are right now!

How often should I do Pilates?

3 is the magic number! If you attend any of our classes 3 or more times a week you will see and feel all of the benefits that our workouts have to offer. Create a balanced workout plan and you can practice with us every day!! Don’t forget that our mindfulness class is an important part of your workout schedule and should be included at least once a week. Our policy is one class per day, even if you have an unlimited membership.

Is Pilates the same as yoga?

No, Pilates is not like yoga. Pilates teachers must undergo rigorous, in-depth anatomy and physiology training and must embody the Pilates Method before becoming certified. While both yoga and Pilates focus on breath, concentration, and physical discipline, they are distinctly different. One major difference is the absence of religion and/or spirituality in Pilates. Another difference is that Pilates encourages the control of hypermobility in order to reduce injury and prevent laxity of joints, for example, reformer and tower springs give feedback creating deeper awareness and teaching neuro-kinetic connections.

I’m unable to find a class time that works with my schedule.

Please contact us if you do not see class times that suit your availability. We are a growing studio and we would love to hear from you!

I’m pregnant, is there anything I should avoid?

Congratulations! As long as you have been active pre-pregnancy, you can continue with your regular Pilates, barre, tower, and reformer classes as long as you feel comfortable. Notify the teacher so that they can give you the right modifications. Unfortunately, bounce classes must come to halt until you’re postnatal.

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

The benefits of pilates include but are not limited to:

Improved posture, strength, flexibility, muscle length and toning without bulking.

Increase circulation and respiratory function.

Improved body awareness, motor (neurological) patterning, and balance.

Improved endocrine (hormonal) system balance.

Improved ability to manage aches and pains.

How do I join a livestream zoom class?

Prior to class log into ZenPlanner on your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, click on your reservations, select the link to the class and you will be prompted to the Zoom waiting room where the teacher will admit you.

PS. The link to your reservations is also in your class reminder email.

Why can I only take one class per day with my unlimited membership?

We have limited space in our classes so we want to leave space open, this way everyone has a chance to participate. If you feel you need more than one class a day, you did not work hard enough in class. We suggest booking a private session to learn how to work more efficiently in group class. When you do a second class in a day your form is compromised, your focus isn't 100%, and it's a liability for the studio.

Why is there a late cancel and no-show policy for all classes?

The late cancel and no-show fees apply for all classes including virtual classes regardless of wether or not they are waitlisted because of our limited capacity. This policy is for your benefit and will shorten our waitlists making space in the classes that you want to attend. It will also help you stay motivated and make time for yourself. While we dislike having to charge our clients for cancelling, with limited spaces, class schedule planning, and paying our teachers, it is the best way to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at getting into their desired class times. Letting us know that you cannot make it is good karma because it opens up a space for someone else to attend a class and it is also more cost-effective for us to maintain the small class size that you love!

How do I choose a class?

If you are new to our class styles or have been inactive for a while, we recommend starting off with a few private sessions in order to become familiar with the TPBHFX Pilates Form Principles, our apparatus, and Pilates style movement. Knowing and embodying the principles of movement will help you stay challenged and injury free. Check out our class descriptions or book your class by clicking the links below.

What are the benefits of Bounce?

Regular bouncing on a soft mini trampoline improves blood flow and responsiveness in the pelvic floor.

Detoxifies! Bouncing has anti-inflammatory effects on your body and stimulates lymphatic drainage which helps with detoxification.

Decreases stress! Calms the nervous system and conditions your lymphatic and immune systems decreasing stress which helps with auto-immune disorders.

Lubricates Joints! Lubricate joints to reduce the pain and stiffness which is helpful for arthritis management.

Varicose Veins! A natural way of permanently getting rid of varicose veins. Frequent rebounding increases the circulation of blood flow, which can greatly reduce the pressure that your veins have to endure and eliminate the inflammation and the pain that comes with varicose veins.

Bone Density! Increase bone density by stimulating bones to produce new cells, and increase calcium absorption.

Balance! Improves proprioception and increases your balance.

Cellulite! One of the best cellulite busting exercises you can do. Bouncing stimulates the lymph system and fascia in order to condition and detoxify tissues.

Skin! Promote a more youthful appearance, calm your nervous system to improve collagen production by reducing cortisol levels. Rebounding also increases blood flow and overall circulation throughout your body, which can lead to increased cell repair, the delivery of nutrients to the organs and, healthier skin.

Reshape and Restore Fascia! Increase the elasticity of your fascia, the collagen-rich connective tissue found throughout your body.

Weight management! Improves cardiovascular health without impacting the skeletal system and allows you to maintain proper posture throughout your workout. A study by NASA proved that bouncing is %50 more efficient at burning fat than running and cycling!

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