Our policies and procedures will help equip you with everything you need to know about The Pilates Barre Halifax studio. Follow us on IG for any news about cancellations due to weather and other announcements.

When You Arrive

Aim to arrive a minimum of five minutes before class time—we lock the door a couple of mins before class start. If you you are not there 5 mins before, you are late and may lose your reservation. If you find yourself locked out, do not knock as you are further disturbing the class.

There’s lots of street parking around the studio so you don’t need to stress about where to park.

We don’t have a dedicated reception team member or front desk. The instructor will open the front door 10 minutes before the class starts.

We encourage you to come in, remove your shoes, put on your grip socks, and place your belongings in one of our storage cubbies. If a class happens to be in session, wait quietly in the front entrance.

Please silence your phone and do not talk on your phone in the studio.

You must rent or purchase reformer mat cover, Pilates mat cover, and grip socks.

Studio Etiquette

Please be mindful of your own schedule as part of your self-care. You are important and so are your workouts!

Make sure that you have enough time to change, wash your hands and use the washroom without disturbing the flow of studio entry. Let us know if you need to leave the class early. You are welcome to take breaks, sit down, or use the washroom anytime during class.

Your instructors are trained to help you thrive. Let us know prior to class if you are working with any injuries or limitations as our certified and knowledgeable instructors will have the modifications you need. With that in mind, we cannot slow the class down to talk about our injury modifications, you need to book private sessions to find correct modifications for your issues.

We recommend booking into a few private classes if: the class is moving too fast? Does a movement feel off or painful for you? Looking for tips on advancing your workout?

We love to chat and joke around, but please refrain from speaking over your instructor throughout class. Turn off the world and your cell phones. If you must answer your cell phone or make a call please do so outside of the studio.

Class Cancellation & No Show Policy

If you are unable to attend your class, please cancel your reservation using our Momence app. We have an 8 hour cancellation window for all group classes (including virtual) and a 24 hour cancellation policy for private sessions. Please cancel your group class a minimum of 8 hours before class starts to allow others to move from the waitlist into class. Please cancel your private session 24 hours before start time to allow us to book another person.

If you are on the waitlist and unable to attend class you must remove yourself from the waitlist 8 hours before class as well to avoid the $25 late cancel or $30 no-show fee.

Do not email the studio or message us on socials to manage your reservations. Do not text instructors to cancel classes or manage your reservations. Cancel via Momence app.

You may not sign up for an in-studio class and switch to the online class time outside of the 8 hour cancellation period without paying a late-cancel fee.

Follow us on social media and sign up for our mailing list to stay updated about special events and class changes. If a class is changed or cancelled you might not receive an email, it may do to your junk mail, it will be posted on social media. Please find our social media icons below. Do not call the studio regarding schedule changes or class cancellations, please use the Momence app. If you need information please email us hello@thepilatesbarrehalifax.com.

Membership Changes & Fees

We require a minimum of 30 days notice for monthly membership upgrade, cancellation, or pause. There is a cancellation fee of $85.00 with less than 30 days notice of membership cancellation or pause. You are able to put your monthly membership on hold for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 8 weeks, once per year.

Our recurring memberships have a four month minimum commitment. This means you may not cancel or pause the membership until after four full payments as long as you give use 30 days notice.

We do not pro rate monthly payments for any reason.

We do not provide refunds for any reason.

Missed or late payment fee is $60.

We will only extend membership expiry dates for medical reasons.

As of January 1, 2023 we no longer offer 20 class passes because people are not using all of their classes and require pass extensions. We will no longer extend expiry dates.

The 20 class pass with 6 month expiry works out to be 3 classes per month and our recommendation is 3 classes per week at minimum. We recognize that people may participate in other forms of exercise, however, using our apparatus or doing Pilates and barre classes infrequently provides zero results, no advancement of practice, and may result in injury.

Your Privacy

A selection of in-studio classes will also be live-streamed on Zoom. This means that the class will be on camera in order for the teacher to be visible to the at home participants.

In-studio classes involving clients will not be recorded, used for on demand video production or visible to anyone who is not a TPBHFX client. Keep in mind that the participants at home are not watching you, they are paying attention to their own practice.

We may take pictures or small videos during classes for social media posts.

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