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Our class offerings are unlike any other studio in Halifax and Nova Scotia. We are the only studio offering bounce, fascial focused workouts, Pilates reformer, and meditation—the full mind-body experience.

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Barre / Heavier Weights / Strength / Cardio

Barre Box

45 Minutes

Barre meets boxing in this high energy class taught by level 2 black belt Jody Rice Gallagher. get super strong and learn how to kick and punch while you plie! All levels welcome.

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Bounce / HILIIT / Strength / Cardio

Bounce Box

45 Minutes

Bounce meets boxing in this high energy cardio and super fun class taught by level 2 black belt Jody Rice Gallagher. get super strong and learn how to kick and punch while you bounce! All levels welcome.

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Pilates / LIIT

Classical Mat Pilates

60 Minutes

Following the classical Pilates series of 34 fundamental exercises designed by Joe himself. This athletic series gives so much, but mostly gives students an opportunity to study their advancements in strength, flexibility, concentration, and connection to themselves through repeated patterns. Beginners who would like to practice the classical series would benefit from a few private sessions.

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Reformer / Strength

Classical Reformer

50 Minutes

This sequence of reformer exercises is done in order as Joe intended. This series will leave you feeling longer, lifted, and revitalized! Beginners who would like to practice the classical series would benefit from a few private sessions in order to familiarize themselves with the apparatus.

ACP 8354 Edit
Reformer / Strength

Contemporary Reformer

45 Minutes

Tone, sculpt, strengthen, and mobilize. Contemporary style reformer sequences designed by us while we embody classical Pilates values and form. We’ve incorporated the magic circle and other small props in order to challenge your deep core muscles, strengthen your spine, and increase all-over mobility. All levels welcome.

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Reformer / Jumpboard / HILIIT / Cardio

Jumpboard Reformer

45 Minutes

Cardio, strength, coordination, and increase metabolism. The jump board is a thick, padded platform added to the end of the reformer that provides a surface for biomechanically sound foot placement. You will be surprised how much fun it is to jump while laying down! All levels welcome.

Pilatesbarre 2021 0246
Pilates / Reformer / Strength

Pilates Mat and Reformer Foundations

45 Minutes

Learn the basics or get back to basics- both challenges are real! This class is not only great for new Pilates practitioners, it's also great for all levels to help refresh and reconnect to the series and increase your challenge.

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Reformer / Bounce / HILIIT / Cardio

Reformer Bounce

45 Minutes

Strength, cardio, detox, and myofascial release, Feel the burn in this HILIIT (High-Intensity Low Impact Interval) series as you move from reformer strength moves to trampoline and back again. All levels are welcome.

ACP 7778
Bounce / Tower / LIIT / Strength / Cardio

Tower Bounce

45 Minutes

This class is LIIT! Add cardio to your super strengthening Tower Pilates class! This class covers all the bases with resistance training and bounce cardio as you move from trampoline to tower.

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Tower / LIIT / Strength

Tower Bounce with Weights

45 Minutes

This class blends bounce, tower spring resistance, and heavy weights to optimize your strength and muscle tone. All levels welcome.

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Barre / HILIIT / Strength / Cardio


45 Minutes

Fall in love with this unique, high-energy, ballet-inspired class. No dance experience required TPBHFX Barre is a fun-filled, full-body workout designed for all fitness levels to tighten, strengthen and tone your body from head to toe. All levels welcome.

ACP 7129 Edit
Pilates / LIIT

TPBHFX Pilates Mat

45 Minutes

This class involves contemporary style mat work is perfect embodying principles of Joseph Pilates work with the addition of props add creativity and evolved bio mechanics. Slow and controlled movements give you time to understand the essence of each exercise as well as execute each exercise with precision, intention, efficiency, and maximum challenge. Accessible for beginners and always a challenge for frequent Pilates practitioners.

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