Created by Erika Ferguson, the most unique, fun and functional barre class available. A mixture of dance, Pilates and yoga, this method works the body from head to toe targeting all muscle groups with a cardiovascular component. This highly addictive workout maintains its foundation in dance but is accessible and catered to any level of experience. Strategically choreographed with music to beat giving students an opportunity to improve their body awareness, coordination, strength and flexibility all while toning their muscles and feeling challenged.

This is a 16hr barre training that will qualify you to teach barre classes. Unique to this method, TPB HFX Barre Method promotes bio-mechanically safe movement and injury specific modifications. We aim to provide training that will allow you to feel confident as a teacher and to provide a safe and fun environment for your students to grow. We also provide on-going support to our teachers including practice space and teaching opportunities.

Pre-requisites: Pilates training, dance experience, yoga training, personal trainers and or previous barre training. If you do not have any of these, you may apply for a spot, we will just require an interview with you.

Location: The Pilates Barre Halifax

Virtual and in-studio options available. If you choose the virtual option you will be required to book extra time with Erika to test in order to receive your certificate.

Price: $480 +tax or non refundable deposit of $180.00.

Dates: TBD

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